The New Beginnings Sanctuary of Praise Church Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary was established in 1990 with the appointment of Sis. Hazel Millington by Eld. Edward Smith.  Sis Millington was known for her devotion to Pastor and Sis. Smith; and no one was surprised by the appointment. She served faithfully until Pastor Smith’s untimely death in 1996. After the marriages of the New Dimensions and The Good Samaritan church The New Beginnings COGIC was born under the Pastorate of Dr. Joseph A. Conner. Sis. Millington continued to serve as President with the approval of Pastor Conner. She served faithfully until illness prevented her. Pastor Conner then appointed Sis. Linda Roberts as President. She also served faithfully until it became necessary for her to move out of the city.  Evangelist Sandra Woolfolk was then appointed President and is still serving.

The Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary serves as one of the armor bearers to the Pastor and his family. We openly support his vision and his mission. We consider every member of our church as a member of the Pastor’s Aide because we are all responsible for the care and well- being of our Pastor and his family. The Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary is simply the planning committee. We serve as a spiritual; emotional and financial support system. We anticipate our Pastor’s needs and we ensure that he gets it. Our goal is to ensure that there is no lack for the pastor or his family.

We are responsible for leading the other congregants in showing emotional support and appreciation for our Pastor.  We host celebratory services for our pastor and his family. We proudly recognize his many accomplishments, anniversaries, birthdays and Father’s Day. We also see to the needs of guest ministers who come to speak at our church. We help to ensure that our guest minister is comfortable during his time away from his home church. When our Pastor is called to minister to others, we are responsible for ensuring that he has our spiritual and emotional support by accompanying him to his assignments.

If you have a servant’s heart; are dedicated, and an eager worker and have a willing heart and love for our Pastor, please come and be a part of this ministry.